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Twitter Stock Jumps on Soaring Revenue, but Growth Remains a Concern

Twitter has demonstrated an ability to extract more ad revenue from each user, and it is adding products that let it sell ads in other companies’ apps.

N.L.R.B. Ruling Holds McDonald’s, Not Just Franchisees, Liable for Worker Treatment

If upheld, the decision by the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel could upend employment practices in the fast-food industry and invite unionization.

President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Step Down

Emily K. Rafferty, the first woman to serve as president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, announced that she would step down in the spring of 2015.

Corey arrested

Crooked Timber - 3 hours 17 min ago

Our co-blogger and comrade Corey Robin has been arrested at the Israeli mission to the UN, 800 Second Avenue (at 42nd Street), for committing civil disobedience in protest at the Israeli actions in Gaza. Respect to Corey for his courage and we hope he is released and home before too long.

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Ransoming Citizens, Europe Becomes Al Qaeda’s Patron

While some countries, including the United States, refuse to pay ransoms, European ones do — inadvertently helping to bankroll Al Qaeda’s global operations.

Where I’m From

News: Slate - 3 hours 28 min ago

One of the first times I recall being asked the question “Where are you from?” was also one of the first times I realized that being black wasn’t a sufficient answer. For a sixth-grade project, I had to create my own version of a family crest to be presented to the class. The idea was for each student to celebrate her ethnic heritage. I knew my ethnicity, but where were my ancestors from? While almost all of my classmates in my predominantly white Connecticut elementary school could proudly claim that their grandparents—or great-grandparents—had come to America at some point from Ireland, or Italy, or Greece, I was forced to acknowledge that I had no idea where my forebears had lived, as they were brought here against their will and any records of their origins had long since been lost. My grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides of my family were born in the South and the mid-Atlantic—hardly an interesting story, or so I thought at the time.

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The Lost Weekends

News: Slate - 3 hours 38 min ago

In October of last year, Goldman Sachs made a quiet but audacious decision. The youngest investment bankers in the firm, it announced to a stunned Wall Street, would be encouraged—even instructed—to take Saturdays off. From 9 p.m. on Friday until 9 a.m. on Sunday, all analysts and associates were required to be out of the office doing anything other than working, Goldman said. Junior bankers would be expected to check their BlackBerrys during the 36-hour period, but other than that it was a work blackout.

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Television Review: ‘Sharknado 2,’ the New York Edition, Airs on Syfy

In “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” Syfy moves its meteorological phenomenon of flying man-eaters from Los Angeles to New York.

Ready for Anything

News: Slate - 4 hours 14 min ago

Hillary Clinton’s face looms over the offices of Correct the Record—in a friendly way. The young PR operation’s 18 workers do their typing and designing and debunking next to a blown-up version of that 2011 photo in which the former secretary of state is checking her BlackBerry on a flight from Malta to Tripoli, behind dark sunglasses. That photo inspired the Texts From Hillary Tumblr, and was painted on the Ready for Hillary PAC’s bus before it started schlepping around the country.

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Sympathy for the Overdog

News: Slate - 4 hours 14 min ago

It sounds like the plot of an uplifting PG–rated family comedy: A dastardly board of directors pushes out a beloved CEO, whose loyal workers rally in support of the man who’s treated them fairly. That’s the story of Market Basket, the low-priced grocery chain of 71 stores with some 25,000 employees throughout the Northeast, where rallies, strikes, and protests have continued into yet another week over the ouster of Arthur T. Demoulas, its former CEO. Demoulas was replaced in June by a board now controlled by his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas, a rival heir to the company built by their Greek immigrant grandparents, who opened their first store in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1916. So far eight other senior management employees have been dismissed for their role in fomenting the protests—in some cases, encouraging employees not to come to work. Although the stores remain open, central warehouse workers have disrupted shipping, and the company is losing millions of dollars a day. This week the board of directors met to discuss offers to buy the grocery chain, valued between $3 billion and $3.5 billion, including one from former CEO “Arthur T.,” as he’s known.

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Daniel Halloran Found Guilty of Taking Bribes and Orchestrating Payoffs

Daniel J. Halloran III, a Queens Republican, was found guilty of bribery, conspiracy and other charges.

Federal Court Blocks Closing of Sole Mississippi Abortion Clinic

A three-judge panel ruled that in closing the clinic, the state would have shifted its constitutional obligations to neighboring states.

Obama Joins Europe in Expanding Sanctions on Russia

President Obama announced the action targeting more banks and a defense firm soon after the European Union imposed tough new sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

Fighting Divides Ukrainian Crash Site and Cuts Access

Separatists have been driven out of much of the 14-square-mile area where bodies and debris from the downed Malaysian plane fell.

The Siberian Craters

News: Slate - 4 hours 57 min ago

Two more mysterious craters have been discovered in Siberia, and local researchers are beginning to form a theory on them.

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Robert A. McDonald Will Be Veterans Affairs Secretary

Robert A. McDonald, the former chief executive of Procter & Gamble and West Point graduate, was confirmed 97 to 0.

Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Case

Mr. Ventura, a former wrestler and Minnesota governor, had sued the estate of Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL, saying his book included passages about him that were defamatory.

Well: Probiotics May Reduce Blood Pressure

Consuming probiotics has a small but significant effect in lowering blood pressure, a large review of studies has found.

“We’re Not Leaving. We’re Never Leaving.”

News: Slate - 6 hours 16 min ago

This month, the scrupulously curated Criterion Collection released a new transfer of Robert Bresson’s balletic crime drama Pickpocket as well as a new American edition of the acclaimed Scandinavian noir Insomnia. Conspicuously nestled in the midst of these highbrow titles is The Big Chill, Lawrence Kasdan’s 1983 dramedy about the very serious #problems of white people in their early-30s. Why is this film receiving the full Criterion treatment—pristine Blu-ray transfer, new cast and filmmaker interviews, even a critical appreciation by Lena Dunham, of all people? The Big Chill is easy to dismiss as boomer nostalgia, but in fact the film—with its rousingly nostalgic soundtrack, its attractively lived-in ensemble, its glib relationship to trauma, its bottled-up aesthetic—invented the modern quarter-life crisis film we know so well.

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Ask Well: Exercise and Weight Loss

Is weight loss truly greater (for the same time expended) when exercising at moderate levels (say, 60 percent of maximum capacity) versus more intense levels (85 percent of maximum capacity)?
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